• Health and Social Care


  • Animation
  • Branding and Identity
  • Campaign Concept and Implemetation
  • Copywriting
  • Filmmaking
  • Graphic Design
  • Name Generation
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

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Thinkaction is the Mental Health sub-brand of Addaction. Thinkaction asked KIND. to work on a campaign which targeted hard to reach groups such as the over 55s, men and people with long-term chronic illness. All of these groups would be hard to target and encourage to call for help, yet they could all suffer from mental health problems. KIND. worked with copywriter Anna Dewis on ideas for the campaign before settling on a strong concept focussing on the idea behind the words we don’t say, encouraging people to take the first step and start to talk about what’s really on their mind.

KIND. used the visual symbols of the speech and thought bubble to convey the difference between what we say and think. Bespoke illustrations were created and the designs divided into two halves, to further express the division between what we say and feel. This concept was applied to posters, fliers and social media animations.

A new strap-line (putting you in control of your mental health), website, animation, films and illustration style were also developed to promote and develop the Thinkaction brand and also help people struggling with mental health issues feel like themselves again. Three videos were created for specific mental health problems. Practitioners from Thinkaction spoke about the signs and symptoms of these issues and offered self-help advice to help people to manage their emotional wellbeing.