• Visitor Centred


  • Branding and Identity
  • Film Production
  • Graphic Design

Rixos needed to create a brand presentation and video that expressed the three different types of hotel offered by Rixos (hotels, resorts and worlds), and also the different Rixos key brand experiences offered to its visitors (entertainment, gourmet food, activities, wellbeing and spa).

The Rixos logo inspired us to use the diamond shape as a visual metaphor. The multi-faceted nature of the diamond reflected the diverse types of experiences Rixos offers and also symbolises luxury. The diamond expressed the all-exclusive all-inclusive message the brand wanted to express. The video clips were supplied to KIND. and we worked with Accorhotels to produce a fast-paced high-energy brand presentation video. A new colour palette and graphical devices were created and applied to the different sub-brands. Each of these needed to express a very different feeling and energy, at the same time feeling part of the Rixos family.

KIND. then created further concepts for Rixos which positioned the brand in a more luxurious market, focussing on the hotels and resorts and using a more natural, eco-friendly, coastal and pool-side theme which are common to most of the luxury properties.



Rixos luxury brand image